Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Are there requirements when requesting benefits?

 Q: How do I qualify for an involuntary unemployment benefit?

 Q: How do I qualify for a disability benefit?

 Q: How do I qualify for a loss of life benefit?

 Q: Can I use my card during the benefit period?

 Q: Do I have to keep making my monthly payments while my benefit request is being reviewed?

 Q: How do I request a benefit?

 Q: I submitted a benefit, how do I check on the status?

 Q: I submitted a benefit and it has been more than 10 business days and I have not received any written correspondence. How should I proceed?

 Q: My session has timed out. What does this mean?

 Q: I am trying to check the status of my benefit and the system is "temporarily unavailable."

 Q: I was unable to locate my Account/Benefit?

 Q: How can I upload my Benefit Form(s) or Supporting Document(s)?